Installation and administration
of local area networks

If you want to build your own local area network with internet access but you don't know how to do it then I propose you my services. I can to make a project, install and configure it. Especially I specialise in:

  1. installation of servers working under Linux operating system
  2. configuration
  3. administration and service
  4. training

Operating System, which I'm installing, is stable and tested since 1 year on many networks created by me.
System profile:

  1. Linux Mandrake 2007
  2. Kernel 2.6.17 serie(with IMQ+WRR recompiled)
  3. Firewall i masquerade with possiblity:
    • easy method to blocking local user access to server (when hi'll not pay for internet) by block IP and MAC address.
    • easy blocking any access to server (if you don't like someone or if someone is trying to hack server)
    • easy to assign additional, external IP's (obtained from provider) for any local user.
    • can create redirections of any server's external port to local user (especially useful for Direct Connect fans
  4. shaperd_cbq - QoS (Quality of Service) service which offer advanced, dynamically controlled, traffic management system. QoS is created to prevent for taking whole traffic by one heavy downloading local user (DivX or MP3 fan ;). I can't to imagine how is possible to work in network without the QoS.
  5. operate with many popular internet access link type like: DSL, HIS (Ericsson's Home Internet Solution), Frame Relay and ATM (after conversion to ethernet).
  6. DHCP - service, which allow local users to work in network without configure network settings of operating system.
  7. Apache - HTML server with pre-installed PHP-Nuke portal system allowing to serve network bulletin and local users WWW home pages
  8. .
  9. squid - transparent proxy based on squid with applied TOS patch for shaperd.
  10. proftp - FTP server allow to exchange files between users
  11. Samba (Network Neighbourhood) - file server for MS Windows
  12. Postfix - e-mail server with SASL/TLS
  13. lstat - statistic service, can create CPU, memory, disk and link usage charts
  14. Authorisation: Wireless, DHCP, PPPoE - RADIUS Server(freeradius)
As an administrator I offer:
  1. upgrades and rationalizations of system
  2. fixing possible bugs and problems
  3. manage server resources (adding/removing: user accounts, domains, files etc)
  4. update local WWW page
On request I can to send URL's of servers made by me (as an example of my competence).
Financial conditions and rest I'll severally square by e-mail.

Any questions? Don't be concerned, just mail me.

Copyright (C) 2007 Grzegorz Fitrzyk